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Joint statement of solidarity by senior Pakistani journalists against censorship, urging media unity against threats and attacks

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press-freedomDozens of senior Pakistani journalists have signed a statement expressing unity and solidarity with each other in today’s divisive times. Many of us have associations with different companies, we have fought long and hard against censorship and for media ethics, and we will not let ourselves be used against each other. Note: This was released on May 3, World Press Freedom Day, with 50 signatories. More are being added as they come in.

Joint statement of solidarity by senior Pakistani journalists against censorship, urging media unity against threats and attacks

To:  The owners of all media companies, Pakistan:

From: Senior journalists associated with various Pakistani media companies

Through this joint statement, we the undersigned, express solidarity with the Pakistani media and working journalists, and stand against any proposed ban on any television or radio channel or newspaper.

We also urge the media owners to rise above their corporate interests and rivalries and work together…

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