After off-grid electricity, what chance off-grid water?

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That date.. December 16th!

Our new generations will learn nothing as our history keeps getting re-written. Misinformation is classed as patriotism and bigotry as virtue.

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16th. December should be a date seared into the psyche of Pakistanis right? But is it? Twice this date has brought immeasurable grief to Pakistan.Grief, ignominy, shame, pain, loss, and a lingering question of why it happened and could it have been prevented.

I am of course referring to the two cataclysmic events in our history; events that led to the fall of Dhaka (Dacca as it was known as in those days) on 16th, December 1971, and the murder of our innocent school children and their brave teachers in the Peshawar Army Public School on the same date in 2014.

What do you remember about December 1971?  I was still in school, but old enough to remember the 1965 war, which just brushed by the Karachiites, so the sight of tracer bullets in the sky was something strange on that cold December night in 1971 when Karachi was attacked. Because of…

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Mori Araj Suno – Tina Sani

  Title: Mori Araj Suno – موری ارج سنو – Hear My Plea Language: Braj, Punjabi, Urdu Poetry: Faiz Ahmed Faiz (1911-84) Lyrics with translation: موری ارج سنو دست گیر پیر  mori araj suno da…

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Diff Locker Front or Rear?

last updated 22/10/2015 Diff lockers are great enhancements to four wheel drive vehicles. A diff locker locks each axle half from a diff together, thus forcing both wheels to rotate at the same spe…

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Reclaiming “India”

This is going to provoke many on both sides of the border who define their patriotism by hate of the other

The untold story of Dr Pervez Hoodbhoy

Exceptionally good



I know, I know the title is a bit cheesy but that’s all I can think of at the moment
[ I probably would change it ] but it still conveys the essence of this post.

I came across this rare interview of Dr Hoodbhoy, first I thought it would be like the same old stuff that we have read so many times about him but this one was different, as it actually had more questions related to his personal life. So, I am posting here as it is :

Interviewer: When I read your book “Islam and Science’, I was quite impressed by your depth of knowledge and your critical mind; and when I heard you were coming to Canada I was looking forward to seeing you and interviewing you.You seem to have an optimistic attitude towards life and a humanistic philosophy. I am curious how you developed such…

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Should Pakistanis apologise to Bangladeshis?

Every right thinking person cannot but agree but the mean spirited will find ways to wriggle out of doing the right thing.

a lib dem in international development

A Rwanda-based Pakistani is pushing his compatriots to admit that their country committed war crimes on Bangladesh, something Pakistan’s rulers have never conceded.
Beena Sarwar · Dec 07, 2015 · 12:30 pm
Should Pakistanis apologise to Bangladeshis? An online appeal reopens old wounds
An online petition stark in its simplicity has revived an over 30-year-old debate in Pakistan. “We the undersigned Pakistanis deeply regret the atrocities committed in our name against the people of Bangladesh in 1970-71. Yours with utter humility,” it says.

Created a couple of months ago by young Pakistani Imaduddin Ahmed, the petition took on new life after the Pakistan’s Director General South Asia and SAARC summoned the Acting High Commissioner of Bangladesh to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Islamabad on November 30.

In a press statement released by the Foreign Ministry after the meeting, Pakistan rejected the Bangladesh government’s “insinuation of complicity in committing crimes or war atrocities”. The statement said that Pakistan holds the 1974…

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